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About Kyiv IT Cluster
We are an NGO and a community of Kyiv IT companies. Here, service and software development outsourcing companies, startups, product companies and others come together to create one ecosystem.

We unite, educate, strengthen, inspire our members, helping them identify their mutual interests and reach common goals. Be it educational or science-related projects, GR or international cooperation — we're eager to help.
IT in Ukraine
Today Ukraine is a #1 software engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe. The IT businesses here are constantly growing and now the IT industry is one of the country's most promising industries.

Local higher education institutions graduate about 16,000 IT specialists annually. 100+ global companies have software R&D facilities in Ukraine. More than 100 companies from the Fortune 500 list are clients of Ukrainian IT firms.

Best of all, today's Ukraine is more open to software development, establishment of new R&D centers and startups than ever.

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